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Welcome to Straightline Services Corporation

We are a leading fire protection systems company servicing all areas of Central, Upstate and Western New York.

Whether it's fire extinguishers, restaurant cooking area suppression systems or industrial suppression systems, Straightline provides honest, reliable, and knowledgeable service to all of our customers from the largest factories to the smallest businesses.

We build and service fire protection systems for

  • Restaurants

  • Gas Stations

  • Computer Rooms

  • Paint Spray Booths

  • Storage Facilities

Straightline adheres to NFPA Codes & Standards. An authorized distributor and service center for Pyro-Chem and is a member of the National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors.

Give us a call, and trust our systems to Put Out That Fire!

You can reach us by phone, or use our contact form.

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